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vic_sammy's Journal

20th January, 2007. 3:34 pm. New Semester

I'm soo happy to be outta the dorms! I love the new apartment. As for the semester, its gonna be another hard one, but i'm gonna try to study and read a lot more this semester hopefully that will help me out with my grades and ease a little of my anxieity of tests. On top of that i'm the captain of the environmental team this year so gotta be ready for that.

Current mood: cheerful.

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4th December, 2006. 11:57 pm. Semester's End, dead week... Hell week

One semester already... wow... its been such a shitty semester, lived in a place I hated, am going to fail at least one of my classes and had to deal with a lot of freshmen crap. Some jackass in our hall got scabies and some other contangeous STD this weekend so our whole has to get tested for it during this week... sux i hate this place so much! Freshmen friends most who havent grown up yet and continue to disappoint despite the help the asked for from me, they never listen and get messed up and then bitch about it. I can safely say i'm done dealing with that crap and gonna let it all go.
This week I have an O Chem test, then its onward to finals, i've lost most of my will to do homework or study its sad but am making myself do it.
Good news though! I'm going to check out some apartments tomorrow with my new roommate, making plans for the new year and start out fresh again without these worries and many prostegeous leadership positions under my belt. I think i'm gonna try to hang out with old friends more, (ie non freshmen) hate to say it but a more mature audience is to my liking and I dont feel bad at all. I'm looking forward to the break, going back home seeing family and FRIENDS!!! I hope to see people this year!!!

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5th November, 2006. 9:55 pm. Nothing is going right...

I guess another weekend just flew by and I keep accomplishing less and less... I feel like all my hard work is not worth it anymore, nothing is really working out... My classes are killing me, no matter how much I work on them I just dont get the grade I am shooting for, I'm above water for the most part at least. I might have lost yet another roommate in this whole moving out thing... he found a place but I cant live there because its just too damn far away and chances are I wont be able to get a car up to FoCo ... my best bet now is one of my friends in Greeley who is transfering up here but he needs to get accepted first... so i'm crossing my figures for that. I had everything planned and one by one everything fell apart, i'm down to my last ideas, last efforts, last ounce of energy, I pray that they will get me through the semester but its hard doing everything yourself... i just need help but dont know who to turn to... I cant go on like this, i'm burnt out...

Current mood: depressed.

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26th October, 2006. 4:06 pm. Hopefully Out of Chaos comes peace

I'm on my 4th week of tests right now and totally getting burnt out, I should be studying more O Chem right now but i'm just so overwhelmed... like described in a friend's recent entry people have been harrassing me about why I dont have time for them anymore or they totally cut me off because i've been busy and acuse me of not caring, well lets see how you are on your 4th week of High Level Science and Math tests. Ya I'm pissy but I think i have a right to be pissy right now and if you dont understand that well should picture yourself in my shoes right now. On top of all of that trying to move outta the dorm hell hole is still a problem because I still cant find roommates who wont bail on me! Hopefully I'll have some time to breathe on my week break from tests next week.

Current mood: frustrated.

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4th September, 2006. 8:20 am. Dorm life again...

Well I'm up right now about 2:30am, bored so I decide to sleep, people out side start to have a powwow outside so i screamed at them and they threatened to come up, still havent come up yet. And neighbors are pulling an all nighter playing Halo. Seriously how many times can you say the word "fuck" in a minute??? Aparently an average of 40 times a minute! I go over and tell them to shut up, still not doing that. I hate the dorms right now. I really want to move out into my own place, with people I dont want to kill. I want my own kitchen, a clean place where I can just relax and do what I do. I came back today to my room trashed, my roommate had a fun candy tossing party in here yesterday. Well i'm gonna try to get some sleep Peace out yall.

Current mood: aggravated.

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10th June, 2006. 5:34 pm. Trip Back

My europe trip was amazing, I saw so much and really got into the local life. Twas lots of fun. The weather finally got nice... 2 days before we left!!! Grr o well the rain kept it cool but i missed wearing shorts for a while. I'm back using a good ol American keyboard! It doesnt take me a few minutes to type anymore!!! My flight time totalled up to be about 15 hrs... the flight back was one of the worst i've ever had! I sat by a screaming kid for 8 hrs crossing the atlantic then we ended up in Toronto... I HATE THE TORONTO AIRPORT!!! THE LAYOUT SUX AND SERVICE CAN SUCK ON MY BALLS!!! We arrived with an hour and a half to spare but little we known that we would land in their packaging portion of the airport and had to ride a shuttle to the main port that took about 20 min... then we had to go through some immigration thing and they had to search our bags for any gifts over the price of $60 can. We would be taxed if it was worth more. Luckly I lied he he. but that took about an hour to do all the paper work and waiting in line. GRR!!! Then After we were free from that we had 10 min left to catch our flight, nope... they said we had to check our bags again so we're sent to get them, well they sent us to the wrong baggage claim and we missed our flight. We had to go to the american outgoing post to take care of things. This is the first time I screamed profanity in public at the serviceman who told me to get lost since my tickets were with my parents. So after my scene we were booked on the latenight flight to denver and here I am now.. unpacking from teh trip and college.

Current mood: tired.

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25th May, 2006. 2:04 pm. Europe VS US

So far in my Eurotrip ive found out a lot about the pop culture of the countries I visited. Lets start out with the way people dress lol. In Germany Girls are either very formal (something people would wear to interviews or whatnot) or they dress very baggy. Guys... are pretty metro, and they like their hair shaped like Yoshi (for those of you who dont know thats my Chem TA his hair is a mohawk without the shaving). Denmark goes for the emo and goth look with a hint of beachiness lol. The french are very very metro... and snotty (I hate to verify a stereotype). What i miss most right now is seeing all my friends again and well kinda the food... I'm kinda sick of breakfast breads and patte and butter. Food is really fatty but served in small portions. Traffic in Germany and Denmark is very courteous and proper, nobody jaywalks its like its a SIN! I did it once and people were scandalized. In france... well if i drove it would be a suicidal ride nobody is courteous and if theres half a hole in traffic they will take it! AHh! Well its getting late around here and the sudden change in elevation and water is making me feel weird again later!

Current mood: tired.

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9th May, 2006. 5:25 pm. Finals...

Two Down... two to go... Today had my calc final, that sucked a whole lot... nobody really finished it and it was at 7am. Blech!!! I cannot think and derive that early in the morning. Anyways also had my chem today, it was alright, i wanted an A in the class but doesnt look like it. O well... Right now i should be studying engineering but Its hard because we dont know what its on for one and two from a few connections i have from teachers, the teachers of my engineering class dont want to teach the class anymore so they're purposely failing a bunch of people so they can get out of teaching it. That is BULLSHIT and I've Lost so much respect for them. But I'll do my best and hopefully pass it. Art History shouldnt be hard but I need to study that too. Hope everybody's finals are going well or the beginning of the break is off to a great start! Laterz

Current mood: determined.

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6th May, 2006. 1:19 am. End of the Freshmen Era

Yo people, since everyone is in the mood of reflection about the year I thinking I would like to do this too.
Wow coming to college was a major culture shock for me. I lived in a very Asian home before and then all of a sudden I'm living a complete westernized lifestyle. I mean sometimes you guys have the weirdest customs like eating in the bathroom, and separating laundry and the fact that frebreze solves everything? Lol but its all good.
The first few months were very interesting, I got to know some friends a lot more, some of it I didnt like and some friends I realize will always be my friend no matter what, no matter howlong we are apart or how long ago we have last spoken, we would still pick it up where we left it. I truly am greatful for that.
I was soo lucky to get such a great roommate, I will miss him a lot when he moves out, but thats life. I'm just so greatful that out of everyone in the hall my roommate is by far the coolest one. I couldnt have made it through some of my math classes or been driven to actually workout without him.
There are so many people at this school, so many personalities and you even see that in your very own hall. Some of the stereotypes and some of the not so common. There were sometimes where I hated the world and people just sucked because in life, things dont always work out as planned but at least first semester that happened way too often. I guess I had to adjust to all of this.
Second semester was amazing, my hall bonded so much more and we did everything together, hung out, homework, played music and the unspeakable (drink). Yes... I became more laid back and well if it happens it happens, you just need to be smart about it, at first I saw drinking as something entirly forbidden for me but as I learned more about it well you just need to be smart about it. As for all those other drugs and stuff umm... count me out, I just dont understand putting smoke in your body or something that messes with your mind.
I joined the Steel Bridge Team and the Environmental Engineering team, I had amazing moments with those, the inside jokes, the accidents (heh... almost tourching the whole lab or turning everything green) and just the experience with some of the most awesome people in the world.
Classes were definitly a challenge, learning a whole year's stuff in one semester and those late night study sessions and getting an average of 5 hrs of sleep really got a toll on me.
College is great, you learn so much academically and even more about life its great and well since my first year is over so quickly I will truly try to get the most out of my remaining years here.
Hope everybody's finals are going well. For me... umm lots of studying i should be doing... hah... Laterz

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1st May, 2006. 12:31 am. The homestretch

Its officially dead week and well this is it... Freshmen year gone within a week and a few days. So many things running through my mind about the future and what will become of me and my friends. First of all I would like to personaly thank everyone who has made this freshmen year so fulfilling and such a rich learning experience and i'm not talking about teachers, (cough* Civil Engineering teachers) ahem. We move on to the next level, with so many new possibilities I wonder if I will be ready or not. But with the friendships i've forged from this year and the ones that I have made stronger will help me through all of this uncertainty for sure. I just hope that This continues on. As for this week, dead week... not going to be a dead week, we're still gonna be learning like crazy and only have time for review on friday. Guess I gotta just keep chugging along there. Well good night everyone and hope the end of the school year is going well for everybody.

Current mood: calm.

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